Liù Zì Jué 六字訣 – Six Sounds – Part 2

How does sound relate to Qigong practice? Sound is used in Qigong.  one style of Qigong is  called Six Sounds Qigong. Uses 6 kinds of sounds that affect our health and can help to make us healthier these sounds are: Xū 噓, Hē 呵, Hū 呼, Xì 呬, Chuī 吹, Xī 嘻,

The first sound in Xū.

To begin with we stand without feet shoulder width apart, back straight and the hands by the side of the body. Then we relax the whole body.

We bend our knees and place both hands palm up in front of the Dantian. We start to lift up both hands and at the same time make the Xū sound. The hands rise up in front of the chest and when they pass the shoulders we slowly turn them over with the palms facing forward, then slowly turn the palms face up again, and gradually straighten the legs until arms are up and the legs are straight. All the time making the Xū sound. We make the movement and the sound last as long as we can, which means that at the end we cannot make any more sound because we are out of breath, and at this point the arms and legs are straight.

The Xu sound will affect the liver making it stronger. We do the movement and sound as slowly as we can but they must all end at the same time. Then we can repeat the movement and sound for about 10 repetitions.