Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 272

King’s Sickness Pt9

The King heard the Senior Advisor’s words and thought he might be right. If the Daoist wanted to hurt him if he wanted to. The Daoist smiled and said, “You do not need to put me in prison or kill me. What you need to do is take out all power out from my chest. There is an acupuncture point on my chest ad if you put your palm over it for ten minutes, then my power will be gone.” As soon as the Daoist has finished speaking, the Senior Advisor immediately put his palm over the Daoist’s Shānzhōng 膻中 point on the chest and pushed down hard to make sure his palm was really in contact with it. He did not let go. Suddenly the Senior Advisor felt a little tired and thought he might no be able to hold on to the Daoist’s chest and so he pressed down even harder. Then from feeling a little tired, the Senior Advisor began to feel dizzy and faint, not only that, all the guards who were holding onto the Daoist felt the same way. After about ten minutes the senior advisor and all the guards were exhausted and all of them fell unconscious to the floor!

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