Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 204

Qi Flows to the Organ Channels

Chinese ancestors were very clever discovering acupuncture points and channels. This was over 3000 years ago and was all based on observations of nature and the feeling in the body and how it relates to the environment. Relaxation is the key, as observation and awareness become much clearer. They discovered all this knowledge about the body and how it relates to nature, through thousands of year practised and proofed to result of the Chinese Medicine System today we are using.

Times of the day and the Channels

They observed that the day began at 11pm, which is different to the West.  Traditionally Chinese divide the day into 12 hours which is much simpler than the modern 24 hours we use today.   This is because even time must have Yin and Yang – one hour Yin and  one hour Yang. We discovered that midnight was from 11 pm to 1 am.  At this time we can feel very emotional and think a lot, so the energy is clam and relates to the Gall Bladder.  From 1am to 3am is also an emotional time and relates to the Liver. The Liver and Gall Bladder are connected. From 3am to 5am the air is much fresh, we feel much clearer so our Lungs are stronger. 5am to 7am relates to the Large Intestine, Lungs and Large Intestine connect together. From 7am to 9am we feel hungry and so the Stomach gets stronger, and from 9am to 11am the Spleen as well. Noon is from 11am to 1pm, this is the hot time and the Heart becomes stronger, which is also connected to the Small Intestine which is from 1pm to 3pm.  Then from 3pm to 5pm the Qi settles down and goes to the Urinary Bladder. This relates to the Kidneys that are from 5pm to 7pm. From 7pm to 9pm the Qi goes back to the Heart, but this time to the Pericardium. Finally from 9pm to 11pm the Qi is balanced throughout the body by the Triple Warmer. All these channels open the organs making them stronger.

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