Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 398

3 Hún 三魂 Part 2

Tiān Hún 天魂 – Heaven Hún is called Tāi Guāng 胎光, Tāi胎 means a baby inside the womb, it is embryo, Guāng 光 means light. Tai Guang means Embryo Light. This is the most important Hún as it relates to the baby and the mother’s womb energy. Hún is spirit, all three Hún are about spirit. Tāi Guāng is spiritual energy that relates to all the senses and feelings and it is the spirit that makes a person. It is Yang, positive and makes a person with a good heart and someone who does the right things, avoid negative thinking and be aware of the negative thinking around us. So it guides us to good health and longevity and after we have gone, Tāi Guāng will fly up to sky.

If we keep practising Qìgōng 氣功, the Tāi Guāng will be strong, keeping us healthy and living longer.

The second Hún, Rén Hún 人魂 – Person Hún is called Shuǎng Líng 爽靈, Shuǎng 爽 means fast, Líng 靈 means spirit. So Shuǎng Líng means Fast Spirit. It is the Hún that gives a person a special talent. The person might be good at sport, singing, memory, maths or might even be wise. So if we find we have a talent that is better than most people, then the Shuǎng Líng is good.

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