Traditional Chinese Qigong with Master Tse

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak all classes have moved online

Study authentic traditional Chinese Qigong with Master Michael Tse. Master Tse is one of the most well-known teachers of Qigong, Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Culture in the west. Through the loyalty to his teachers and hard work and dedication, he has built up a strong following of students all around the world.

Master Tse has studied Kunlun Dayan Qigong with Grandmaster Yang Meijun who was the 27th generation inheritor of the Kunlun Dayan Qigong Skill. He is one of very few people who holds direct certification from Grandmaster Yang Meijun. He has brought many students to reach a very high level of skill and good health. He is a very approachable teacher and has an unique ability to break down complicated concepts and make them easy to understand. He has students of all levels from new students just starting out on their Qigong journey to those who have been studying with him for over 25 years. He has a strong passion for Qigong, he loves to teach and wants to pass on the traditional Wild Goose Qigong. In addition to having regular Qigong classes in London he loves writing books and articles, and making DVDs to promote the traditional Chinese Qigong. Master Tse teaches weekly classes in Central London, Wimbledon and Notting Hill.

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Qigong Classes in Central London with Master Tse

Qigong Class in Wimbledon - London
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Qigong Dao

Master Tse shares his thoughts and observations about Qigong and health