Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #38

5 Precepts五戒

Dao 38When studying Buddhism there are 5 Precepts that all Buddhists must follow so that they will not commit any bad deeds.

  1. No Killing
    Do not kill any creature of any kind, even an insect like an ant or mosquito. We must not kill anything and this will bring up our compassion.
  2. No Stealing
    We must not take anything that does not belong to us. Everything belongs to someone and so we should not take anything that is not ours. Then we will develop a good heart and be trustworthy.
  3. No Sexual misconduct
    Do not take advantage of other people. Today there is too much temptation and we should stay away from it. The only proper relationship is between partners, husband and wife, etc. Then we will develop to be a good polite and courteous person.
  4. No Lying
    Not lying is good behaviour as is no cheating. If you are honest then people will respect you.
  5. No Alcohol
    Do not drink alcohol, but this also includes not smoking, not taking drugs, avoiding everything that can create an addiction and affects our health.

These precepts are difficult to follow, so we can begin with one of them first, for example no killing. When we see an insect that we would normally kill, we can release it and let it go. Everything can change in our lives, we might not be a perfect person, like a Bhuddha, but we can have some of that heart. We can do some good things and we can make a difference to the world and the universe, one step at a time.

Michael Tse

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