Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #39

Middle Dantian 中丹田– Tanzhong 膻中 Point

Dao 39-01When we practice Qigong we want to develop our Qi. All the Qi we develop is stored in the Dantian 丹田. Although we cannot see the Dantian, when you have been practising for a long time you can feel it, and you can also feel the results of having a full Dantian later. Then we will be healthy and feel good, then we have the energy to do the things we want to do and can also make our lives good.

When the Dantian is full, the Qi will rise up to stimulate another Dantian, which is found at the middle of the chest. This is the Middle Dantian 中丹田 and it is related to the Tanzhong 膻中 acupuncture point. “Tan膻” means “Altar” , “Zhong中” means “Centre” , so the area is like a altar at the middle of the chest. For men, the Tanzhong point is between the two nipples and for women it is between the two breasts. The Tanzhong point belongs to the Ren Mei任脈, the centre front channel of the body. This acupuncture point is good for breathing and the heart. If we suffer from chest problems, like coughing, rubbing the Tanzhong point will help the Qi flow and relieve it.

The Lower Dantian下丹田 is connected to the Qihai 氣海 point. The Tanzhong Point is connected to the Middle Dantian. When the Middle Dantian is full of Qi, the chest will feel warm, the voice is stronger and the whole body will feel good.

Michael Tse

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