Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #37


Dao 37_2In Buddhist study there is a lot of homework. Of course, this depends on how serious you are about your study. For Buddhist monks and nuns there is a lot of homework to do, which they do normally in the morning and evenings. What is this homework? It is chanting – reading out the sutras. Chanting may take an hour each time, but each time they read the sutra, the meaning of the book, it affects the person. It is a little bit like being present when Buddha was giving a lecture 3000 years ago. In the beginning you might not understand, but after constantly reading it many times, you suddenly begin to understand every word of the sutra. This regular practise continues up to the point where we reach enlightenment. Then your thinking will change and eventually you will understand the meaning of Buddhist knowledge.

All Buddhist will chant the name of Buddha. There are many Buddhas in all periods of time and space and then Buddhists chant their names they will create a connection with them. When a Buddhist’s time is up (means they leave this world) then the Buddha they chant his/her name will take them to the Buddhist world.

So a lot of Buddhists chant very hard for a long time, so that when their time is up they will just leave their body and go to the Buddhist world. Buddhist believe that we do not just live one lifetime, but many lifetimes and so the more good deeds we do the better the future we will have.

Michael Tse

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