Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 244

Environment – Part 4

In the beginning, when we first begin to practise Qigong we just feel good. This is a good start. Then as we practise more we will feel even better and we like this feeling. It is just like cats who like to stay in a warm place, especially in the winter. My cats are like this, when they find somewhere warm they will stay there and not go out in to the cold. We are the same, when we feel good, we do not want to feel bad. Most people never feel good and so just stay feeling bad, and then they go to see a doctor. We will go out and practise until we feel good again.

When we feel good we can feel our environment and can tell if it is good or bad. So we will be like cats that go to the warmth and stay there – we will keep ourselves feeling good. If we practise outside in the garden or in a park, when we get home we can feel any imbalances there, like not enough light, things on the floor blocking the energy, too much stuff, things being untidy etc. When we feel this we will change and organise things in to a better and so our home will change and become a good environment.

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