Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 245

Environment – Part 5

If we practise Qigong regularly, we will actually never choose to stay or live in a bad environment. This is because we feel good every time we finish practising and then we will have better senses. Whenever we go to a bad environment or place we will not feel good and we will just want to leave, some children and animals have this instinct. However, if we are in a good environment or place, we just want to stay and even we want to live or work there. Therefore we do not want to stop practising even if we are busy. That kind of feeling and sense is very difficult for someone who does not practise Qigong to understand, and we cannot really explain to them what we feel and why do we feel like that. So when we are healthy, if we move to a new place we can tell whether it is a good place to live or not. A student told me that before he studied Qigong, he and his wife were looking for a new home. They looked at so many houses, until one house his mum came along and said, “That’s the one!” They bought it and lived in it for over 25 years and had two healthy boys and have a good life until they retired.

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