Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 246

Environment Part 6

We need to trust our senses, trust our Qi. If we practise Qigong regularly, whenever we go to a new place, we can sense if it has a good environment and good Qi. Even if we move to a new office, we will know if it is a good office to work in. Some offices make us feel good and we can work there and feel better, get a lot of work done, have good ideas and finish the job more easily. Then of course your boss will like you! Then you might even get a promotion. If you get a promotion, you might ask to stay in the same office.

Even when we are travelling and we go somewhere and walk down the street, turn a corner and walk to another area, we will have a good sense of the environment. A good environment will make us feel happy and calm. If we do not feel right, nervous, see things which are not right, hear too much noise, smell a bad smell, see flashing lights that make us uncomfortable, then we should leave that area. Something might be wrong there or something might be about to happen there. Trust your senses and keep practising your Qigong to maintain your good condition.

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