Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 247

External Affects the Internal – Part 1

In our bodies we have two parts, one which we can control – like our arms, legs and eyes, ears, but there is one part that we cannot control – for example our heart, lungs, kidney and the other internal organs. The first part is our external body and the second part is our internal body. We can control how we move our external body by swinging our arms and kicking our legs faster or slower, but we cannot tell our heart to be faster or slower, or tell one kidney to work harder than the other. Our internal organs are vital for our health and everything is based on them and therefore we need to be able to make them healthy and strong. We actually move our external body, our arms, legs, waist etc. to make our internal organs healthy. Every time we move our arms and legs the internal organs will be stimulated and get stronger, but the most important thing is our relaxation. If we move our arms and legs in a relaxed way then our internal organs will follow. Every movement makes the organs respond, but relaxation is the connection. Once we relax our internal organs then internal organs will relax as well, because there is no tension then there will be no blockages and so they will respond well, become stronger and function properly.

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