Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 243

Environment – Part 3

Some people might say, “I don’t have a lot of money, how can I live in a better environment?” We have to find or create a good environment to live and work in, it is not about making more money. First we have to make ourselves healthy and we do this by practising Qigong. Most of my life I have lived in a flat/apartment, especially in Hong Kong, where I was born and grew up. Even in Hong Kong I would always practise. When I was young, even before I had a Sīfú, I would train myself: stretching, push ups, sit ups, and even create my own punching and kicking exercises. It was only until I was 14 and began studying Wing Chun with my uncle, Tse Chui Hung 謝超雄, that I began training formally. I grew up living in a studio flat with six other family members. My father made two bedrooms in our flat and so space was very limited. Even so I would still practise and a lot of the time I would go outside to practise. When I came home I liked to open the windows to get more air in, and I would clean and tidy up the rooms and then I would feel better. I still have this habit today. When I do not feel right I change things, clean and tidy up and so feel better. This is because my senses tell me that the environment is not right.

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