Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 242

Environments – Part 2

When we practise Qigong a lot we will find that we like to be in good environments that have plenty of fresh air and sunshine, where there are more green plants and more space. These good environments give us good energy. If we have never practised Qigong, then we feel the benefits of a good environment less. Sometime we see can people living in very bad environments, living in a room with no widows or space, where the front and back door are always piled up with rubbish and the area is dirty and smelly. Perhaps their room is very dark and even if there is a window, they never open it, keep the curtains or blinds closed and have the heating on all the time. A room that is too warm is not good for you. Some people may also want to save on the heating bills and so never turn the heating on and so the room is always very cold. And in the hot countries they keep the air conditioning on all the time. People who live in these kinds or environments are easily get emotional, easily upset and angry, and cannot think clearly because they lack of connecting with nature and fresh air. So a good environment is very important for us. Only when we have practised enough Qigong we will be able to sense and feel the environment around us. Then when we find a bad environment we can change it and make it better – get more fresh air, more light, the right temperature and make more space (so less stuff at home). Then we can feel better.

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