Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 241

Environments – Part 1

There are many people who live in the countryside. In the countryside, the air is better, there are more trees and less cars. When they go into the city, they find that it is very polluted and find it very difficult to breathe and suffer from more allergies. They would not like to live in a city. However, there are people who live the city do not find it that bad, although when they go to the countryside they still find the air is better and the there is more space, but they would still prefer to live in the city because it is more convenient, for work, school, shopping and meeting up friends etc. So we still find that many more people live in cities than in the countryside, no matter how much more polluted the air is. Why is this? This is because people get used to it and they do not feel that bad. When our body gets used to a bad environment we get used to the smell and air, do not even notice it, and then it does not feel so bad. When we practise Qigong and open ourselves up, make our Qi flow strongly so our organs and senses function well, we do feel the bad energy from the environment. When we practise Qigong all our senses become super sensitive and this means we will always prefer fresh air and a good environment in the end.

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