Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 240

Single Movement Part 4

If we have a back problem, which exercises from Balancing Gong and Healthy Living Gong will be good for us? First we can think about which movements move our waist more, this leads us to “Beautiful Woman Turns the Waist”, “Turning the Head and Twisting the Tail” and “Roc Extends its Wings”. So we have three movements already just from Balancing Gong. Then in Healthy Living Gong Part 1 we have “Catching the Fish by the Side of the Lake”, “Golden Dragon Stretches its Claws” and “Child Swinging”. So it is quite easy to find which exercises move the waist in order to benefit our back. But what if we have a problem with the lungs, which exercises will be good for this? In Healthy Living Gong Part 2 we have “Flying White Crane”, “Foolish Old Man Moves the Mountain” and “Butterfly Playing”. The more Qigong we learn, the more we understand how Qigong works to heal us, and then we understand which single movements focus on which particular problems. Therefore single movements are good for healing a particular problem. And forms are good for everything as well as the whole body and the mind, particular long forms, but we must start with single movement first.

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  1. Yvonne Dixon
    Yvonne Dixon says:

    Thank you for this series of articles Sifu. I wanted to ask if you could also take part of a form and treat it like a single movement. For example could you concentrate on some of the individual movements from Healthy Slapping Gong to help the lungs.


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