Master Tse Qigong Dao 239

Single Movement Part 3

There are many single movement Qigong exercises in Balancing Gong and Healthy Living Gong. Each movement has its own healing purpose. If we understand Qigong well, then we will understand the benefits of each movement. For example, if you have a headache, you will know which movement is good for this. It will be a movement that works on the head, although this does not mean we have move the head, or it means that the movement must benefit the head in particular. However, you can say that most movements have some benefit for the head. For the basic level of Qigong, we use movements that are directly related to the problem area. As long as we follow the principles of Qigong even if we do not do our Balancing Gong and Healthy Living Gong perfectly, we will still benefit from them. The first three principles are :

  1. Relaxation
  2. Posture
  3. Move from the Waist

As long as we follow these, we will never have a problem. The next two principles are:

  1. Connect the movements to the Acupuncture Points and Channels
  2. Move from the inside out

These last two take time to learn and achieve. Then what movements are good for headaches? We can choose “Supporting the Sky” – from Balancing Gong, “Collecting the Qi to the Dantian” – from Healthy Living Gong Part 1, “Climbing the Jade Ladder to the Sky” – also from Healthy Living Gong Pt1.

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