Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #94

Change the Emotions and Reactions

We are all human and we all have emotions. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are angry and sometimes we are depressed. There is a Buddhist saying, “human life is full of worry.”  This is quite right.  No matter whether we have a lot of money and are famous, or poor and have no name, we all have to face this. We all want happiness, but this is not easy. we may be happy now, but will we hold on to this happiness forever? The answer is no, particularly if we are looking for material things and for other people to give us happiness, happiness based on these things does not last forever. Some people look to religion, but actually happiness is inside of us. It all depends on how we feel and how we react. If someone easily gets upset, angry and depressed and does things without thinking, then it is hard for them to be calm and get happiness.

The traditional Chinese way to make ourselves healthy and calm is to practice Qigong (and I am sure other ancient cultures have their own ways as well). When we are healthy our attitude will change. It is impossible to just change our emotions or bad nature without doing something physical. The Chinese way is Qigong氣功 and through movements and meditation we change ourselves.

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