Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #93

Healer feels Good After Healing

Some healers, after using their energy, say they feel good and even excited. Do you know why? This is because they are past the tired feeling. After the tired feeling their energy will be up, but this is not the energy we should be using because this their prenatal energy which makes us live as long as our parents. Ideally we should live to be the same age as our parents, boys will live like their fathers and girls will live like their mothers, this is the basic idea we should live like them. Of course each individual’s life is different so we have our original age plus the lifestyle we live which affect our age and health. If our ancestors have given us longevity but we spoil our energy and exhaust ourselves because of the way we live we will still have a shorter lifespan. On the contrary if somebody’s ancestors did not have longevity but they look after themselves then they can live longer.
So if we are not tired afterwards and we do not feel tired doing the same things then we are using our life’s energy. It is like our savings, normally we have enough money to spend each month, then suddenly we need more than the money that we have coming in and so we have to withdraw from our savings in the end we will still be short of money and this is the same with our lives.

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