Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #92

Slapping and Horse Stance

When I use Qigong healing to treat my patients I will receive some negative Qi from them. Sometimes it makes me feel tired. I still remember my Sifu, Yang Meijun (who I called Lai Lai)  saying, ” Save your Qi!”  We must listen to our bodies and we should know how much we can give, and when we should stop. After giving treatments I will always go outside and find the park to practice. Particularly I will find somewhere with fresh air and then I will use the some slapping on my organs starting from my stomach, to my liver and spleen, intestines, lungs, heart and kidneys, all over. After this I will shake my arms and legs as this helps to release negative Qi more quickly. By the end of all this I feel better and then I will start practice my Horse Stance (Ma  Bo馬步).  I will start in a low position and this will circulate the Qi quickly. I feel my heartbeat rising strongly and this will help clear the negative Qi from inside my organs. Because the Qi is strong it goes deeper and any hidden negative Qi will be released as well. After my legs grow tired I change to a high position. Now the Qi will go to up to my head and this makes me feel good, even half sleepy and half awake. Then I go back down to a lower position. I keep doing this until I feel very good and this means all the negative Qi has been released.

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