Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #91

Slapping to Get Rid of Negative Qi

When we feel negative Qi inside the body we need to get rid of it. It is the same when we find  our clothes are dirty we need to wash them, so releasing negative Qi is a bit like washing our clothes -we need to scrub the stains with soap.

The Qigong way of “scrubbing” is slapping. We slap the areas where the negative Qi will stay and this is usually around internal organs. Negative Qi will usually gather at the stomach first, then move to the liver and the spleen, and finally stay in the kidneys and this makes us feel tired. So we should start slapping the stomach area first but we need to slap gently. As we slap, gas will sometimes come out and we might even break wind. This is normal and is the negative Qi releasing. Now we need to slap the area around the liver and spleen and when doing so we might feel the negative Qi come out with our breath and even into our saliva, which will taste nasty. This means the internal organs have some negative Qi. We should clear this out and the more we slap the more negative Qi will release out and we will start to feel good. It is like beating a rug making all the dust come out. From time to time our bodies will have some negative energy and we need to get rid of it.  The best is to practice Qigong twice today if possible.

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