Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #90

Negative Qi Stays Inside

Any doctors, therapists, masseuses or healers are very hard-working people because they are in contact with sick people all the time and take their negative energy. When we have a good level of Qigong our bodies are healthier and we can sense and feel the energy around us.  We can tell if other people’s energy will affect us or when we are in bad environments with sick energy. Sick people will have sick energy and if we are around them we will take this sick energy. So those who work with sick people or in bad negative environments are kind of suffering as they have to take on all this negative energy.

Today however most of us, no matter what kind of job we do, have to take on some negative energy. This makes us feel tired and can make is unwell. For this reason we must learn how to detox the body and of course by this I mean practicing Qigong as this is the best and the quickest way to detox the body. Any negative energy which stays in the body will get worse and will penetrate deeper into the body, into the organs and worst of all into the bones. How do we get rid of this negative Qi? We must move with strong and deep breathing

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