Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #89

Healer Must be Healthy

What do you think about someone who does not have enough Qi氣, but gives their Qi to other people? Anyone can actually give their Qi to another person, the real point is whether the patient gets  some benefit or is harmed,  or even  if the healer loses a lot of Qi by transmitting it to another person that will make themselves weak. It is a very simple theory, giving Qi away is losing Qi and makes us weaker. So before giving their Qi away, the healer or Qigong Master must be very healthy and full of Qi, otherwise it might be harmful to them if they use their Qi to heal a lot. It is the same for the patient. If the healer is full of good Qi, he or she will give them good Qi they will feel good and healthier. But if the healer is unhealthy, weak and their palms are cold, then the patient will feel uncomfortable, unwell and simply not right. It is the same when someone has a cold and you get close to them, you can feel unwell and catch their cold. If someone is a smoker or drinks a lot you can smell it If we are in an environment where people drink and smoke it will get on our clothes and this is negative. So the healer must be healthy before healing other people.

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