Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #88

Cultivate Qi Before Healing

If we want to have the power to heal, we have to have more Qi氣, just like we need to have more petrol (or gas) to drive a long way. How do we get more Qi? We must practise Qigong氣功. Qi氣 is energy, Gong功 is work, so work for the energy. When we practise Qigong in a natural environment we gather Qi from nature around us. That is the answer, the way and the principle. This is what we call Dao. We should practise twice a day, once in the day under the sun and once in the night under the moon. We should do this even if we cannot see the Sun or Moon, when the weather is bad, as they are always around us. Each time we should practise movements to open up our channel and points and then do meditation in a still position and this is to settle and cultivate Qi. At the end of the practice we feel good and will have more Qi. When we use our Qi to heal people our palms will be warm, or even hot. The patient will feel good. Some will be more sensitive and feel the Qi more some will be less sensitive. They will not feel much and might not feel anything. However, you can see that they are better.

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