Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #87

Palm Healing

Wild Goose Qigong - Master TseWhen our Qi氣 is strong we can use it to heal other people. It is like having more money, when we have more we can spend more and buy more things, it is as simple as that.  When we give people our Qi, or we usually transmit this Qi from our body through our Laogong勞宫 points which is on the palm of our hand. This is a very sensitive area, which is generally warm. Warm means the circulation is good, this means that there is good blood circulation and good blood circulation is equal to good Qi circulation. Blood strong is equal to Qi strong. This means when this area has a lot of Qi we can easily release it. If someone has pain or discomfort we can put our palm on that area and they will feel better, even though we have not done anything. It is not about what we do, as the palm will naturally release the Qi to whatever we touch, even if we touch a tree, or an animal, this will eventually have a reaction. So when our Qi is strong our palms have a healing power that is the Qi transmitting out to benefit whatever we touch.

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