Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #86

Listen to our Qi

If we practise our Qigong氣功 regularly and still get ill, this is because our Qi功is not strong enough to overcome the problem. This means that we must be using more Qi than we gain. It is simple mathematics, plus and minus. The more Qi we gain the healthier we are. The more Qi we lose or use, the less healthy we are. So practising Qigong does not mean that we will be 100% healthy. If we use more Qi than we gain then we will still be tired and ill. So we need to listen to our Qi, list to our body’s condition and not over use our body. Sometimes it can be too late to get back to being 100% healthy and if you go past this point it might cause even more problems. So if we always listen to our body when we feel tired or weak, we can practise Qigong to recharge our Qi and then we will be alright. The Qigong we practise the more sensitive we are and so we will not let our Qi get so low and we can practise to bring it back to a healthy condition. A lot of time when we are tired we just carry on and think, “let me finish this first”, then it might be too late and we will not feel well. Practising Qigong is always the best way.

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