Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #85

Daily Practise

Wild Goose Qigong with Master TseWe should first be able to diagnose our own problems and where the problem is. Then we practise to work on that area. Sometimes we do not actually need to know where the area is, we just practise our Qigong氣功 every day. Twice a day is better, once in the day time and once at night, this will balance us with nature’s energy. Day and night both have the principles of Yin and Yang. If we do this the problem will go without us evening noticing it. From the day we were born we have been getting older and will all eventually die. During the journey of life we will get ill or injured and even have emotional issues. All these things are testing our body, testing it until the day it cannot handle it and then we will die. By practising Qigong, movements and meditation, we make ourselves better. We will still get ill or injured, and still suffer from emotional stresses, but we can handle them better so that we can eventually overcome them, or let go enough so that they do not bother us. Then we can last as long as we can. However this body does not last forever. The longest is around 100, 110 or a little bit longer. So we can practise our Qigong to maintain the body’s condition and then we can hold on to it as long as we can.

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