Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #84

Feeling the Negative Qi

We are not only just can feel other people’s negative Qi氣 and the environments negative Qi. When our Qi is strong we can also feel our own negative Qi. Usually we cannot feel our own problems until they become a very obvious problem. However when you are practising Qigong氣功movement and mediation you can feel the blockages in your energy more easily. This is because we are relaxed and open. When we feel the blockage we should relax that area even more so that more Qi can flow. In the end this strong flow of Qi will clear the blockage preventing the problem becoming more serious.

Also during practise we can feel the negative Qi inside, sometimes it is not just in one area, but it can be in one of the internal organs. It is similar to eating something that does not agree with us and this creates an imbalance or makes our insides work too hard and this creates the negative Qi. When we practise we will find that our breathing becomes stronger and this is our body releasing the negative Qi, by exhaling most of it out. Some is also released through the skin, the palms and the chest. There are so many reactions that occur when we are practising as the body rebalances itself. This is a good thing and the more we do the better we know our internal body.

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