Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #83

Sensing Negative Energy

When we practise Qigong and reach a certain level we can sense the negative Qi or sick Qi in other people. Once I was waiting for someone in hospital and opposite me was a patient with a leg problem, after a while I could feel his problem in my own leg. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. Later I went to see my Qigong teacher, Grandmaster Yang Meijun楊梅君, and she told me that I was sensing the negative Qi from the other person. Since that time I easily feel the negative Qi from other people. It is just like being able to tell the difference between a fresh apple and a rotten apple. They smell very different. However we will sense negative Qi in different ways than just smelling it and we may feel it in different parts of the body. Sometimes we can feel it the same area of the body the person has a problem and that area will have an unusual feeling. Of course, when we feel the negative energy around us we should stay away from it. The longer we are around negative Qi the less we will sense it until eventually we cannot sense it at all. Just because we do not sense it does not mean that it is not there. If you stay around it for too long your body will stop sensing the signals and we have to accept that this will happen. In the end we might end up ill as well.

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