Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #95

7 Emotions 七情

We all have emotions; however how we describe them and classify them can vary. There is a traditional Chinese way to classify the emotions to be seven: Happiness, anger, worry, over thinking, sadness, fear and shock 喜怒憂思悲恐驚.  All these make us lose our energy or Qi氣.

Somebody may look happy, but if they are just laughing and it is external, for example like having fun look for a short time, then this will damage the heart. Anger will affect the liver, worry will affect the spleen, thinking too much or overthinking will affect the stomach, sadness will affect the lungs, fear will affect kidneys and shock will affect the whole nervous system and even affect the brain.

No one can avoid these as this is part of being a human being; in fact all the animals and plants also have these things but respond differently.  To minimise the effects we need to be calm most of the time and this is hard to do that, however practice Qigong 氣功 everyday will change us so that we can handle these emotions.

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