Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #96

Six Passions六慾 part 1

As human beings, we all have passions.  We all want things, we want to indulge ourselves. For example we might want to see more things, want to see beautiful scenery, pictures, videos, which we can get on our computers through the Internet. However the more we see the more we can damage our eyes and exhaust our internal organs in particular the liver. So we might like to see all these things, but we should not overdo it and do too much. In this way we can keep our Qi at a good level.

We might also like to hear music, loud sounds and talk with other people. All these things make sound which goes to the ears. Again if it is too much, this can affect a hearing and our kidneys as well.

We might also like to smell different fragrances, plants, flowers, perfumes and even artificial smells, some people even like to be around bad smells  or live in polluted areas. If it is too much it can also damage of sense of smell and in the end we may not be able to smell and this will also damage our lungs.

If you want too much of the three “passions” it can make you lose your Qi and affect your organs and you will see the effects, particularly when you are older, as your eyesight will not be so good, your hearing will be poor and your sense of smell very weak.

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