Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #97

Six Passions 六慾 Part 2

As human beings we like so many things. Apart from seeing, hearing and smelling we also like to eat. We eat so much, too much in fact and over indulge. We eat all kinds of food and snacks: sweet, salty, deep fried food and unusual kinds of food even junk food. If we eat too much and make ourselves too full it will damage our mouths, tongue and affect our stomach and spleen.

We also like to touch and feel things. We like the feel of the sun and so we get sun tans, we like the feel of soft things, of pets, or people, toys, sex and go to spas to feel so many different sensations. Too many sensations will make us lose our Qi and will make us tired and emotional.

Also if we think too much, imagine a lot so we are in our own fantasies too much, or even read a lot, it can affect our mind so we cannot see things clearly and find it hard to communicate with other people which makes life complicated, hard come back the reality, be practical.

We need to reduce our passions so we do not over do things so much. Every day we should take some time to meditate, to think of nothing and be still. By practising Qigong we can stay away from these passions and allow our body to return to normal. This will make us healthier and lead us to live longer

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