Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #98 –

How Long Should I Practise?

People always ask me how long they should practice for? Actually, everyone is different. It is just like how much you eat for breakfast, some people like to eat a big breakfast, some people like to eat just a little bit and some people do not like to eat any breakfast at all. Our body always tell us how much we should have and it is the same for practicing Qigong, our body will tell us. The result of practicing Qigong is the key, the feeling of practicing Qigong is the answer. The result and the feeling of practicing Qigong is that we feel good, and that is good enough.
If we keep practicing for too long, sometimes we will feel tired. This is because we have reached a point where we are full of Qi, but if we keep practicing we will start to lose this Qi. This is the reason we can start to feel tired so when we feel good we can stop. For beginners however, their bodies are not so sensitive and opened, so they cannot tell, so they might just do 5 to 10 minutes they then feel good and stop. When we have been practicing for over a year, our bodies will be more open and we will want to practice for longer, even after practicing for 10 minutes we feel good, but we know we can feel even better than just good. So we do not want to stop until we reach a point where we feel a satisfactory level of Qi. Therefore, sometimes we do not want to stop, we just want to do a little bit more because feeling is so good.

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