Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #99

Learn Slowly & Learn the Shape of the Movements

Qigong Dao 7Whenever beginners start learning Qigong, they should take it slowly and learn step by step. This is true for many things, but especially true for Qigong since it requires you to learn movements, which many people are not used to doing. Today, remembering things is not so important and we have many devices to help us learn and remember things. However with movements, at the end you need to do them by yourself. So, we should learn them slowly. At first we should try to remember the shape of the movements and not worry about the detail, the detail can come later. Beginners are not so good with the details, for example, where the weight is, the coordination, the timing, the acupuncture points and all those little things. Just remembering the shape of the movement is good enough to start with.

When they can remember the shape, then they will feel they have achieved something. It is not good if beginners find that Qigong is difficult. At the beginning, anything we learn should be interesting and not difficult, then we will carry on.  So for me as a teacher, I must enable the new students to enjoy learning Qigong from the very beginning.

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