Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #100

Two Movements at a Time

Qigong Dao 8So when beginners start to learn Qigong they must learn slowly and then everything step by step. The student should not try and take too much and the Sifu should not teach too much, talk too long or concentrate on knowledge and detail. The teacher should give them clear and simple explanations, and show them a small part of the movement. We should also not correct them too much as beginners cannot catch all the subtleties and details of the movements of Balance Gong or Healthy living gong. I will introduce two parts of the movements to them, for example with Holding the Dantian, I will simply explain the up part and the down part. If they can remember that then I will talk about keeping the back straight and also placing the Laogong point勞宫穴 over the Qihai point氣海穴. How do I know they have remembered the movement? I will let them follow me a few times and see if they can manage, then I will watch them and if they can roughly manage then I will teach them the next movement. In this way we can encourage them and so they will want to continue.

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