Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #101

Correct Their Posture

Once the beginners are interested they will come to class more often and this is the main thing. The more they come then eventually they will get better they will get clearer. After a few months you will be surprised at how much they have improved, I have seen this happen so many times.

Once they can do the whole set of movements, for example Balancing Gong or Healthy Living Gong, we can then teach them more of the details, but we must also teach them the principles of Qigong, from relaxation, good posture, moving from the waist, connecting the movements to the acupuncture points and channels, and finally moving from the internal body. The more we say these principles the easier it will be for them to remember them.

We must also watch their movements and when we see a mistake we must stop them and correct it. We might have to place them in the correct position by putting their hands or legs in the right place and then let them feel the correct position. This is very important because Qigong is an internal movement and when it is correct we can feel the difference and it feels good.

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