Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #102

Watching and Being Around the Teacher

photo Teaching Balancing GongAs teachers, we do not just watch the beginners do their movements, we must also demonstrate so the student, so they can see how the movement should look. At the beginning new students cannot see the difference between their movements and ours, but the more they see our movements the more they will move like us. This is called, ‘Teaching with the Body身敎’, teaching by watching, by being around. This is a high level of teaching and is what Laozi老子 called, ‘Teaching without Telling行不言之敎’. In the past students would live with their teacher’s and they would do whatever their teacher told them to do, treat the teacher like he was their father and fully respect and obey them. Teachers did not easily accept someone as a student, but once they did so they would treat them like they were their child. They would teach them everything as the student would carry on the skill. If the teacher had a lot of students he would choose the most loyal and talented one to inherit and carry on the skill. They would also teach them some special skills that they would not teach anyone else. So being around the teacher and watching them demonstrate the skill is a high level way of learning.

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