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Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 185

The Ears Part 4

There are two exercises that are very good for the ears. One is Ming Tian Gu 嗚天鼓, which means, Making Sound at the Heavenly Drums. The exercise is a little light playing drums. First we cover our ears with our palms so that our fingers are on the back of our head. We then put both index fingers on top of the middle fingers. We then flick the index fingers off the middle fingers so that they drum the back of skull.  We tap the Feng Chi 風池, Yu Zhen 玉枕 and Nao Hu 腦户 points. In order to tap these points you need to move your fingers up and down. We tap 36 times on those points all together. This will help bring Qi to your eardrums and help to keep them sensitive and functioning well.  Also when we tap the index fingers against the back of the head we lessen the pressure of the palms against the ears.

photo Place palms over the ears
Place palms over the ears
Drum the poinjts with the fingers
Drum the poinjts with the fingers

For another exercise place the palms over the ears but this time push in and release out gently. This causes some pressure against the ears, but the force that we use should feel comfortable. This pressure against the ears helps them to be more sensitive and also helps them handle changes in pressure. Some people often feel dizzy because of an imbalance in their ears and so this can help them.

The ears are equal to the kidneys, so these exercises are also good for the kidneys. If our kidneys are weak our hearing will be weak as well

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