Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 184

The Ears Part 3

Photo Meditation can help the hearing
Meditation can help

If we can look after our ears, then when we are older our hearings will be good. Of course, our genetics make a difference because we inherit many things from our parents and ancestors. If we inherit a weakness in our ears and also injure our ears or cause them other problems then this will determine whether we have good hearing or bad hearing later on in life. However, whatever the situation we still need to look after our ears and so we should massage them, expose them and to less noise, and this will help. Actually for our ears, the less we use them the better, we should not listen to music and sounds all the time and let our ears rest. Today, many people like to listen to music all the time or watch movies which are very loud. This is not good and can lead to problems when they are older. This might mean they need to wear hearing aids. If you do wear hearing aids, wear them only when you need to and when you do not need them try to use your ears normally. This will stimulate your ear drums. Meditation can also help a lot. Close your eyes, just be quiet and let go. Then your eardrums will become more aware and so the Qi will go there. Sometimes try to listen to conversations on the radio or television, even if you can barely hear them and this can help to bring back your sense of hearing.

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