Master Tse Qigong Dao 186

Nose – Part 1

Acupuncture Point of the nose

The nose is another very important part of the body. We need our noses in order to breath, but if the nose has a problem then it makes breathing difficult. Any time our nose is blocked we will feel uncomfortable, find it hard to breathe and in particular, find it hard to sleep. As a result of this many people breathe through their mouths. This is not good.

We need to look after the nose and make sure it is functioning well. To do this we can do some massage on the nose. There are some acupuncture points around the nose which we can stimulate with our fingers.  We use the index finger in particular and rub the acupuncture points 36 times each. Start at the top of the nose and work to the bottom.

Begin at the Yin Tang Point 印堂穴 and gently rub it with the middle finger. Next is the Nasal Bone, using both index fingers rub up and down 36 times.  Rub the Bi Tong Points 鼻通穴 36 times with both index fingers. Then again with both index fingers rub the Yin Xiang Points 迎香穴 also 36 times. Now gently rub the Su Liao Point 素髎穴 36 times with index or middle finger, and finally Shui Guo Point 水溝穴 36 times with index or middle finger. Massaging these points keep the Qi flowing through the nose and help to prevent problems with your nose.

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