Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 226

Yi 意 – part 2

When we practise Qigong we should focus and concentrate on our movements, this is Yi 意. The Chinese character for Yi is a combination of three characters:

Qigong we need Yi 意 – focus

立 Li means stand

曰  Yue means say

心 Xin means heart

All together it means a person tells what their heart wants. This means all our thinking comes from our heart, and so our heart must be true and sincere. This is real Yi – all our thoughts are together, thinking of one thing. In Qigong we need Yi – focus, sincerity and honesty, and then we can develop Qi. Whenever we practise we must not think about other things, nothing must affect us as we need to maintain our focus. This takes regular practise and discipline.

In the beginning we might find it difficult to focus, but the more we do the easier it becomes and then eventually we will have Yi. Inside our state of Yi we have emptiness and so nothing can bother us. Then the inside and the outside of the body becomes one – becomes the same. This is a high level of Yi.

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