Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 225

Yi意 and Qi氣

What is Yi意? Yi means mind or thinking. When we do Qigong we still need to think, we need to think about what we are doing and not become distracted by other thoughts. We should therefore focus on what we are doing, like Balancing Gong, focus on the movements and relax the body. We cannot really think of other things because if we do, then we cannot focus or concentrate on our movements. Then we need to relax so that we can feel the whole body and feel how the Qi works. We will feel warm and tingling, like electricity flowing around the body.  When we focus and relax then our breath will also synchronise with our movements. This happens when the mind is focused but still maintains the relaxation. Only when we relax can we feel the whole body.

The Yi is the mind and it should concentrate on the body and on the relaxation and then we just let everything happen. This is natural, this is Dao. It means think, but sometimes feel as if we are not thinking, this is the correct Yi. Yi should not be empty. So we just do the movement and eventually we can reach stillness where other things will not bother us. Then the spirit will develop and our nature will change and we will become more confident.

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