Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 224

Bone Qi 骨氣

Ma Bu 馬步

At the end of my classes we always practise Ma Bu 馬步– Horse Stance. Many students begin with a high position. After a while, once they are used to it they will follow some of the other students and stand in a medium stance. The seniors always try to practise in a low stance. Why do we practise in a low stance in the end? It is all about the bones.

The bones are where all the Qi eventually goes. The Qi flows throughout the whole body and so we can say that our bones relate to our Qi. We also say ‘Bone Qi 骨氣’, but what does this mean? If our bones are strong our Qi is strong. Any Qigong movement works on our bones as they physical movement is demanding in order to create a strong internal flow. This is how we develop our Qi. So we can see that bones and Qi are related, also strength and Qi are related and blood and Qi are related. If we say that strength and Qi are related, then in order to develop he strength we must develop the Qi and so we must also develop the bones and the blood. Once our Qi is good, then our bones and blood will also be strong. Our bones are our strength and our blood is our circulation. So this makes us feel strong and warm. Bone Qi also means loyalty. So when we say someone has Gu Qi骨氣 it means they are loyal.

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