Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 223

Qi and Strength

Master Tse training
Horse Stance – Ma Bo馬步

When we finish practising Qigong not only do we feel healthier, but we feel physically stronger. This is because Qi and strength come together. When someone is sick, they are physically weaker. Some find it hard to walk far, walk upstairs or even stand for any length of time. If we are sick and weak we need more Qi and this will make us healthier. When we are healthy then we are physically stronger. This is because the Qi will go to the internal body and making the organs strong and function well. If the Qi gets stronger and stays in the body, eventually it will go to the bones. The bone marrow is the essence of our Qi. If our bones are weak, our Qi will be weak and so we will become tired and sick easily.  Therefore it is important to practise regularly. At the end of my classes and seminars I like to close by doing Horse Stance – Ma Bo馬步 as this strengthens the bones. It is a different exercise to sports or going to the gym as it builds up the strength of the bones and creates a powerful circulation of Qi making us feel warm and strong.

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