Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 222

Qi and Blood

Master Tse performs Wild Goose Qigong

After practising our Qigong we feel warm, particularly our hands and feet. Many students, when they first come to class have cold hands and feet, but after a few months of Qigong practice, they start to feel warmer, some even feel warm after just one lesson! This is all about our Qi. The more Qi we have the warmer we feel. And this is because our Qi and blood always flow together. We never have a situation where we have strong Qi and not enough blood. When we feel strong Qi, our blood circulation is always strong. The temperature of the body is related to the blood and the Qi. When we feel warm from the inside, we feel much better. It is a similar feeling whenever we do some exercise, we feel warm because our circulation is better, however, Qigong also helps us relax and is an internal exercise and so is more profound. When the internal body is stronger, the blood and Qi circulation is much better. The Qi comes from our external environment, from the fresh air and nature around us, so we must practise in a nice area. When the fresh air comes to the body our Qi is generated and the blood is created and flows along. So whenever we recharge our energy we feel good and feel much healthier.

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