Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 221

Practise When Our Energy is Low

Master Tse leads a group of students

Qi plays a very important part in our health. When our Qi drops we will begin to feel weak and tired. If we keep losing Qi, then we will become sick. If more Qi is lost then we become very sick and if we lose even more, and then we will die. So we can see that building up our Qi is very important.

If we always practise Qigong we can feel when our Qi is low. It is like your phone battery, we always need to regularly charge our phones, but low energy in our body is much more obvious as we feel tired, cold and cannot focus as much. Some of us will even become bad tempered or depressive, so we need to practise. Ordinary people, who do not know any Qigong, need to eat and rest, but for us, because we know Qigong and practise regularly, we will practise as soon as possible. Even if we do not have much time, only five or ten minutes of practise will make us feel much better. When we are used to feeling good and energised we do not like to feel tired and weak, so we always practise. If we always keep our energy high, then we will not easily become sick or very sick and then we can live longer. This is the purpose of Qigong, to live long and be healthy.

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