Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 277

Xin 心

Master Tse Teaching Wild Goose Qigong

Last time we said to practise Qigong we needed Yi 意, but we also need Xin 心 – heart.

As we know, Yi is focus. It starts from one’s heart and so we want to do it. When we want to do something we do it with focus and we push ourselves to do it and this is Yi. For example if we wat to punch or lift up something heavy we use Yi. In Chinese Kung Fu we have style called Xing Yi Quan形意拳. It is a powerful Kung Fu style as every strike they make they do with Yi, Xing 形 means shape and the style covers animal movements so each animal movement has its Xing, like the monkey, elephant, etc.  This means Yi is Yang in nature, therefore in Qigong we have Ying Qigong 硬氣功 – Hard Qigong and this takes more Yi. However there is also a soft focus and that is Xin.

Xin means heat and the Chinese character 心 looks like a heart. When we practise Qigong we need Xin to gently lead us so we can be soft and detailed. We cannot rush and push to do this, we need to work on it from our heart so that we can feel it. We focus on the details of every movement, we need feel each movement and how it affects our Qi and physical body. So Xin is very important and we need it to work on our Qigong.

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