Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 228

Ren 忍

Master Tse teaching

When we practise Qigong we also need Ren 忍 – patience. Many people have asked me, “How long will take before I can heal other people?” I always answer, “To heal others you first need to be healthy.” How long does it take to become healthy? This all depends on the condition you are in. Some people come to class and they are not 100% well, but they think they are healthy. After six months practice they realise they were not healthy before. This is because when we have been practising long enough, we begin to feel deep inside our body and then we realise there have blockages and problems, but this makes them enjoy their Qigong even more as they feel themselves getting healthier and so feel so much better. If they focus on a quick fix or healing then they will miss the point of Qigong. Qigong is for developing good health. Until we reach a very healthy condition, we cannot say we are very healthy. Sometimes we have problems we cannot feel. Then we need Ren – patience.

The character for Ren 忍 is made up of two parts.

The top part Ren 刃 is the sharp point of a knife.

The lower part is Xin 心– heart.

So it means you need patience like when a knife is stabbing in our heart that hard, also control our wild heart by stabbing with a knife.

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