Qigong Dao7 9

Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 229

Jing 靜

Qigong Dao7 9
For Qigong we also need Jing靜

When we practise Qigong we also need Jing靜. Jing means quiet. The mind and heart need to be Jing (quiet). The character for Jing is written in two parts.

The first part is Qing青, means Green. In the old times it also meant Spring. Spring is the beginning for the year and the first season after a long period of cold weather, and so we see more green things coming out. Nature looks better and this makes us happier, calmer and more peaceful. This all requires quietness.

The second part is Zeng 爭and this means fighting. This is nothing to do with quietness, it just uses the sound of Jing. Jing and Zeng sound very similar. Basically, in Chinese characters, we use the sound of a character in a lot of other characters. For example, there is a Chinese noodle and also a powder call Fen粉. One side is rice, Mi 米and the other side is Fen分, which means separation. In this case it is just used for the sound. The noodle and separation have the same pronunciation.

So we need quietness – Jing for Qigong. We always like to find a quiet place to practise as it feels more settled. Our hearts and mind also need Jing, so here are not distracting thoughts and our minds can become empty.

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