Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #52

Second and Third Most Important Channels

Dao 48There are many channels in the body. Before we talk about the most important channel we must first understand the second and the third most important channels. The Ren任脉 and Du Mai督脉 are equally important and these are the second and the third most important channels in the body. The system of channels or meridians is called Jinglou 經絡. The main channels in the body, like the Ren, Du, Dai etc, are the Eight Extra Channels which we call Mai脉. The Eight Extra Channels or Eight Unusual Mai奇經八脈 are stronger and allow more Qi to flow around the body. They are like the motorways which can take more traffic in the UK.

The second and third most important Mai are the Ren and Du Mai, why is this? This is because, If more Qi is able to flow through the Ren and Du then the 12 Ordinary Channels will be smooth and in good condition.

The 12 Main Channels are十二經脈:

  1. Lung Channel of Hand Taiyin 手太陰肺經
  2. Larger Intestine Channel of the Hand Yangming手陽明大腸經
  3. Stomach Channel of the Foot Yangming 足陽明胃經
  4. Spleen Channel of the Foot Taiyin足太陰脾經
  5. Heart Channel of the Hand Shaoyin 手少陰心經
  6. Small Intestine Channel of the Hand Taiyang手太陽小腸經
  7. Bladder Channel of the Foot Taiyang足太陽膀胱經
  8. Kidney Channel of the Foot Shaoyin足少陰腎經
  9. Pericardium Channel of the Hand Jueyin 手厥陰心包經
  10. Sanjiao (Triple Warmer) Channel of the Hand Shaoyang手少陽三焦經
  11. Gall Bladder Channel of the Foot Shaoyang 足少陽膽經
  12. Liver Channel of the Foot Jueyin 足厥陰肝經

When these channels are smooth and in good condition, then it means all the channels of the internal organs are strong and healthy, and it also means you are healthy too.

Michael Tse

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